Thursday, 30 June 2016

Facebook is the best social media site and well known as most engaging social media platform and seeing more than 1 billion daily mobile users. It announced New Mobile Ad Formats in this week.

Creative Hub:- Creative Hub is designed to make it easy for users to sample different tools and features, and work together and experiment. There are also options to create and preview mocks on mobile, as well as create preview URLs to share with stakeholders.

Upgrading Canvas:- Facebook which initially announced its Canvas Ads, immersive mobile experiences that is more faster than typical mobile users. New updates will make it easier for marketers to design, create, share and learn from these ads.

 Adding Audience Insights API:- It gives advertisers better insights into the audience they’re serving, psychographics, anonymous demographics, topic data and reports from Facebook IQ.

Improving Slideshow Ads:-
Another Facebook ad format  is the slideshow, that allows business to create videos from static images. However it is significantly faster than traditional videos and on account of using five times less data. New features include the ability to create slideshow ads from mobile devices, audio and text overlay.

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